Welcome to the Peterson Family Website.

Our familyname is Peterson, but our biological family name is Race so we thought it fitting to combine the names in the creation of our site -- Petersonrace

It is interesting that even though our biological lineage in the United States can be traced back to the Race family name the true family name was lost years ago at the start of World War One.  Our ancestrial father was a member of a group called the BlackHand that was involved with the assassination that led to the start of the first World War.  When they fled to the United States the story shared said that the 3 brothers who fled together changed there name to Race as it was the word right under the familyname field on the immigration form.

So my answer to the question -- what's in a name?  Not much...  I speak for us PetersonRace clan in saying we are more than any name that you may want to use to describe us.  I challenge you to take the time get to know us for more than a name.  Hopefully this site will be a Portal for some of that.

Keep Smiling ~ Derek